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With this vehicle, Ukrainian Army chops mines remotely

This machine is called Armtrac 400. It is already being used for demining operations in Ukraine. But the best thing is that you can control it remotely.

Armtrac 400 of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine / Screenshot credit: United24

Armtrac 400 of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine / Screenshot credit: United24

Clearing mines is a dangerous job. In Ukraine, there are thousands of explosive threats scattered throughout the country, most of them planted by the invading Russian military. Taking them out manually is an extremely difficult task.

But with Armtrac 400 life gets much easier. This machine easily sweeps through 24,000 square meters in a single hour.

It can be controlled remotely through a simple interface, at a maximum distance of 800 meters. But if you love sharp sensations, you can also use its driver’s cabin. Don’t worry, the cabin is armored with 10mm-thick metal plates and 40-mm thick armored glass. But obviously, doing demining remotely is still much saver.

The cabin is also sound-proof and contains air-conditioning unit.

Armtrac 400 remote control panel. Image credit: Ukrinform

Armtrac 400 uses a spinning mine comb assembly that cuts through grass and digs half a meter deep into the ground. According to the manufacturer’s specification, this machine is designed to easily withstand explosions from 10kg anti-tank mines. Some of the existing models have already withstood more than 6000 explosions.

When there are no mines to clear, the same vehicle can be used as a heavy-duty cargo loader.

Armtrac 400 was purchased for Ukraine through a crowdfunding initiative United24.

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