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Philips introduced the new Evnia brand for gaming


There is no shortage of hardware brands in the PC gaming market. However, Philips decided to introduce one more – what will Evnia bring to the market and why the timing is perfect?


The new Philips Evnia gaming brand was unveiled in Stade de France stadium in Paris.

Two very famous brands, AOC and Philips, belong to the TPV Technology Corporation, which is the largest manufacturer of computer monitors in the world with the market share of over 30 %. Evnia will be the new gaming brand, attached to Philips.


“Evnia” literally means “good mind”. Sort of like “smart thinking”. The Evnia brand was unveiled at a press event at the Stade de France in Paris.

The new Philips Evnia brand for gaming devices.

But why now? Try to imagine a typical PC gaming enthusiast. Probably a young man, perhaps even a teenager, who likes to spend time at home in front of a computer screen, pops up in your mind. However, gamers are not that young and not all of them are boys.

The number of PC gamers will soon reach 3 billion. And almost half of them (46 %) are females. What’s more, the average age of a gaming enthusiast is about 30 years old. They are not kids, who would be fans of futuristic black angular designs. And this is where “Evnia” enters the scene.


Philips Evnia design language.

Evnia aims to appeal to a wider range of people. All kinds of people. The design of Evnia products is relatively simple, non-aggressive, but modern and, of course, with RGB lighting. The RGB can be turned off for a more subdued look or set to make the entire room glow like a rainbow. It’s funny, but the gamers care about that.

Evnia will have three product lines – 3000, 5000 and 7000/8000 Series. The 3000 series was not revealed yet, but it is conceivable that these will be products aimed at lower budget buyers. Meanwhile, the Evnia 5000 looks like this:


Evnia 5000 Series – less RGB, more wires, but cheaper and still functional.

Evnia 5000 series products will be a bit simpler, but still quite stylish. Dark gray-black plastics (a significant portion of which are recycled) with slashes of RGB lighting look absolutely great – very modern. Evnia 5000 Series headphones, mouse and keyboard are wired. Monitors like the 27M2C5500W do not have the RGB lighting on the back (called Ambiglow) offered by the 7000/8000 Series. However, the 27M2C5500W has a QHD resolution, 240Hz curved display with a quick pixel response time. Just what you need as a gamer and not much extra.

Evnia 7000/8000 Series products will be on another level. Keyboards, mice and headphones in this range are wireless. Instead of the Philips switches, used by the 5000 Series keyboard, Evnia 7000 keyboard uses Cherry MX switches. Meanwhile the Ambiglow will light up the wall behind the monitor, helping gamers to achieve better immersion.

Evnia 7000/8000 Series products will be style-oriented, but also highly capable in terms of performance.

The first monitor to reach the market will be the Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV. This is a 34-inch ultra-wide 21:9 monitor with Mini LED lighting and 1152 dimming zones. It’s DisplayHDR 1400 certified, which means that the colors on this monitor will be vivid and accurate. Matched with the 3440 x 1440p resolution at 165Hz makes it a dream monitor for many. Again, Ambiglow and the 1500 R curvature helps with immersion. Later the Evnia 7000/8000 Series will include QD-OLED monitors as well as flat screen devices.

Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV with Ambiglow – lighting on the back designed to improve immersion.

The Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV is nicely paired with wireless headphones. They are quite soft and comfortable, even if a bit large (over-ear design might be too big for some tastes).

Evnia wireless headphones are a bit large, but some people like that cosy ear-hugging feel.

The mouse of the Evnia 7000 Series is quite ergonomic as is the full-sized keyboard, which has an always useful scroll wheel. Again, RGB lighting dominates the design, but you can turn it down. Considering this is a gaming keyboard, the number pad is perhaps not highly necessary. If they chose to go without it, there would be more space for the mouse, but some people really do need the number pad. Remember – the average gamer is already 30 years old.

Philips Evnia 7000 Series mouse and keyboard look and sound nice. They are also quite ergonomic. You can turn down the RGB if you don’t like it.

By the way, Evnia products use a portion of recycled plastic. A nice touch indeed.

Everything looks good in the Evnia range. It just looks pleasant. We will have to wait a couple of months to evaluate it better, but we hope Evnia will find its market.

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