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Fan Artist On A Mission To Transform Every Gen One Pokemon Into Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders Pokemon

Images via neddymon_

There have been countless Pokémon fan artworks shared on the internet. From redrawing the original creatures to finding creative twists, the sky’s the limit when interpreting your favorite characters. However, one artist took this creativity to a whole new level: they have transformed the gen one Pokémon by fusing them with a popular character from The Simpsons.

Instagram user @neddymon_ took it upon themselves to fuse all of the original 151 Pokémon with Ned Flanders and has currently completed nine so far. All of these creatures retain their original Pokémon aesthetic, but the details resemble that familiar The Simpsons aesthetic we know and love. Kotaku Australia found the Instagram account and described the artist’s work as “Beautiful. Deranged. A gift to us all” as they ‘Flanderized’ the gen one Pokedex.

If I may quote the Bible, thou shall not question the last one. However, it is interesting that ‘Cloysterino’ kept the original Pokémon look.

Interestingly enough, The Simpsons has done a Pokémon parody in the past. In Season 28, the show released the episode ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbart,’ where both Homer and Lisa play a knockoff version of Pokémon Go. In that same episode, the characters sang a Pokémon theme song parody in the middle and the end of the show. So it’s safe to say that Pokémon is somewhat canon in The Simpsons world, albeit through a different name.

Hopefully, Neddymon_ continues their Pokémon journey and completes their entire Neddymon Pokédex. Who knows, we might these creatures appear in the next ‘Treehouse of Horror’ special.

You can check out more of Neddymon_’s works on their Instagram account.

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