Realme 9i And Realme 9 Pro Puls 5 Smartphone Coming Soon

 Realme 9i Nad Realme 9 Pro Puls Coming Soon

Phone Design

Realme 9i and Realme 9 Pro Pulse have found that this phone can be fully charged for 15 to 20 minutes. 

 realme 9i camera 

realme 9i and 9 pulse can now have 50MP camera. Is the camera quality going to be very good. Will the front camera be of 16 MP, I am feeling like this,

 realme 9i battery

 realme 9i main can be 5000 mAh battery. Or 33 volt charging can also come with it, these phones of 

Realme 9i and 9 Pulse

 Realme are going to be 4G or 5G phones. If I get more information about the phone, then we will update. 

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