Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Cold

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1. Hot sand or sand shake cures cold. 

2. Cold chickpeas cure cold.

3 Drinking a decoction of ginger, calamari and basil leaves cures cold.

3. Eating two to four leaves of Nagarvel cures colds. 4. Getting lemon juice in hot water and drinking it while sleeping at night cures cold.

5. Drink one teaspoon of ginger juice and honey in the morning and evening to get rid of cold.

6. Getting mustard in a bowl of honey and eating it cures cold.

7. Drinking a decoction of mint and ginger cures cold. 

8. Sniffing a bowl of ajma cures colds.

9. Drinking hot milk mixed with pepper powder and sugar cures cold.

10. Drinking a decoction of pepper, cinnamon and ginger cures cold.

11. Adding ginger salad and Sindhav in lemon juice and drinking it cures cold.

12. Adding ginger in water and drinking boiled water cures cold.

13. Black pepper and roasted turmeric powder taken with hot milk cures cold.

14. By smelling turmeric, the cold disappears immediately.

15. Drinking fresh mint juice cures cold.

16. Putting drops of mint juice in the nose removes pinus.

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