Battleground Mobile India New Update 1.8 Beta Version Apk + Obb Download

Battleground Mobile India game is very popular. Download this game to download. Battle has been a simple update on the media. A beta version of the new company has come out. 1.8 New update in January 2022. We hope you enjoy the rest, but we can download the beta version with the first beta version.

Battleground Mobile India 1.8 Update New Features  leaks 

1.Anti-cheat update with stricter rules

A better and more secure anti-cheat update will optimize the game in the next update. The developers have already worked hard on previous patches to ban hackers and are expected to make further improvements to strengthen the game's security system.

2.New Vikendi 2.0 Mode

Vikendi 2.0 is one of the most controversial features that players expect every now and then, however, the devs are yet to provide us with the improvements. Vikendi 2.0 will be a remake version of the classic Vikendi map, with many improvements to its design, texture and structure of the map.

3.New Theme and Lobby

According to popular data miners, there will be a brand new winter mode and winter lobby where players can play on wind castles and even surf in the snow. The classic Battle Royale map may have a specific winter themed event mode.

4.UI changes

Many changes can also be made to UI optimization. Players can see the changes in visualization, animation and icon design in the upcoming 1.8 update.

Battleground Mobile India 1.8 Beta Download  Click

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