Asthma - Breathing Home Remedies Indigenous Ayurvedic Remedies

Asthma - Breathing Home Remedies Indigenous Ayurvedic Remedies

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Asthma - Breathing

1. In case of asthma attack, take a ripe banana and heat it on the day's jayot, then peel it and put it on the ground and eat it.

2. Drinking hot milk on turmeric paste mixed with ghee relieves shortness of breath.

3. Ginger juice taken with honey relieves asthma,

4. Drinking carrot juice daily cures asthma.

5. Turmeric, pepper and turmeric are all taken to relieve asthma.

6. Squeezing its juice by chewing fifteen cloves kills breath.

7. Licking cardamom, dates and grapes in honey kills breath.

8. Drinking hot water over a small palm grove every day, the phlegm becomes thinner and comes out and disappears.

9. Eating three dried figs warmed in milk in the morning and at night reduces the amount of phlegm and relieves diarrhea.

10. Eating fulvalifatkadi as much as two ounces of nagarvel leaves kills breath.

11. Taking ajmogram with water relieves shortness of breath. 12. Daily licking with 15th syrup kills breath.

13. Putting five drops of carrot juice in the nose makes you breathless.

14. Tulsi juice 2 gms, ginger juice 2 gms and a teaspoon of honey taken with it makes you breathless.

15. Combine 10 grams of Tulsinorus and 5 grams of honey to get rid of shortness of breath.

16. Taking turmeric and ginger powder with honey makes you breathless,

17. Take alum and sugar evenly from the flower and take half a pound four times a day.

18. Amla juice in one and a half tola, one tola of honey and 0 tola of pepper powder is taken for breathing.

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