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 1. Hemorrhoids are cured by eating sesame seeds in a bowl of butter.

2. Hemorrhoids are cured by dipping ginger powder in buttermilk.

3. In the morning, a handful of black sesame seeds can be seen in the morning and the blood flowing from the warts can be stopped.

4. In case of dry hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids are cured by dipping jaggery in buttermilk and adding Indrajav in whey which has hemorrhoids.

5. Hemorrhoids are cured by taking mango powder with honey.

6. Hemorrhoids are cured by drinking sweet neem leaves with water.

7. Hemorrhoids are cured by frying turmeric in ghee.

8. Hemorrhoids are cured by drinking a thin raab of clan flour.

9. Soaking coriander at night, drinking a lot of water in the morning or drinking coriander juice stops the blood from falling out of the mass.

10. Hemorrhoids can be cured by drinking a teaspoon of karela juice with sugar.

11. Drinking a decoction of ghana and sugar stops bleeding from warts.

12. Eating hot roasted chickpeas stops bleeding from the mucus.

14. Cut the onion into small pieces and dry it in the sun. Fry it for one rupee and add a little black sesame and powdered sugar in it. Eat it in the morning.

15. By tying the bowl of cumin with its pulp, the blood falling from the warts is stopped. And the protruding and very painful go inside.

16. Hemorrhoids are cured by crushing the garment of Choki Turmeric and taking it with water while sleeping. .

17. Hemorrhoids can be cured by eating lentils, bread and buttermilk daily and by adding lentils or butter in lentils as well as eating chilli and hot spices without it.

18. Take kokum flower powder with curd cream, heat it a little and eat it thrice a day to stop hemorrhoids.

19. Hemorrhoids are cured by roasting cumin seeds and taking equal parts of black pepper and cinnamon in it and making it into powder.

20. Hemorrhoids are cured by taking ginger cumin and Sindhav powder in curd monastery and taking it after meal.

21. Hemorrhoids are cured by drinking sorghum kanji every morning.

22. Drinking 1-2 teaspoons of castor oil with hot medicine cures hemorrhoids. And the incisions on the anus also disappear.

23. Kokum chutney eaten with curd cream cures bad hemorrhoids.

24. Turmeric nodule boiled in turmeric lentils, dried in shade, applied on PC ghee in cow ghee, hemorrhoids become soft and pain stops immediately.

25. Applying kerosene on the warts heals the warts.

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